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Alyssa Brown
Biographical information
Full Name

Alyssa Ji Brown


September 28 (age 16)





School Information
School Name

Lockwood High School




Leader of Welcoming Committee

Family information
Family Members

James Brown (Father)
Mary Brown (Mother)

Relationship information

Holly Jensin (Best Friend)
Claudia Stephens
Emma Garland


Aria Grady



Physical Appearance


Hair Color


Eye Color


Episode Count


First seen

The First Day

Last seen

The First Day

Played By

Arden Cho

I wouldn't think about it if I were. That guy just isn't a good guy.
Alyssa to Chelcie in The First Day

Alyssa Brown is a main female character on Lockwood. She was born and raised in Lockwood by her parents James Brown and Mary Brown. Although she spent a lot of time with a nanny growing up -- Alyssa has a close bond with both of her parents, as they provided her with anything she ever needed.

Alyssa met Miranda Solomon in first grade and they became best friends. When Miranda hit puberty, her friendship with Alyssa was strained as the two became distant. After Miranda completely isolated Alyssa -- she met Holly Jensin and Claudia Stephens despite their good friend Emma Garland's dislike of their new friend. Emma grew to become fond of her beliefs and opinions.

Alyssa had not had the chance to have a boyfriend as she would much rather focus her time on academics. People tend to see her as stuck-up and innocent but also be sneaky. However, she is a kind-hearted person and cares for her friends and is willing to defend them if need be. She is known to be the confidante to all of her friends. Alyssa is very intelligent and uses that to her and her friends advantage. She knows a lot about the two and all the inhabitants of it. Alyssa wears a purity ring and swears to obey by it until she says "I do." She has anxiety which causes her to talk very fast.

Being the bubbly, involved student that she is, Alyssa is part of the welcoming committee, go-green team, debate team, quiz bowl, tutoring program and a lot of other extracurricular activities. She likes to keep herself busy.

She is best friends with Chelcie Cummings and Holly Jensin. Alyssa is part of the Brown Family. She is portrayed by Arden Cho.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alyssa has a slightly roundish oval face with full lips and deep set hooded eyes. Her dark brown hair, which is usually worn down, compliments her complexion. She has a slim body type as she is a very picky, healthy eater. She is the simplest dresser and wears minimal makeup. Her charming smile adds to her persona.



Holly JensinEdit

Main article: Alyssa-Holly Relationship

Alyssa and Holly are best friends. They met in ninth grade when Alyssa moved from her private school to Lockwood High School.

Claudia StephensEdit

Main article: Alyssa-Claudia Relationship

Alyssa and Claudia

Emma GarlandEdit

Main article: Alyssa-Emma Relationship

Aria GradyEdit

Main article: Alyssa-Aria Relationship





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