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Christian Rockwell
Biographical information
Full Name

Christian Michael Rockwell


December 20



School Information
School Name

Lockwood High School




Lockwood Football Team

Family information
Family Members

Susan Rockwell (Mother)
Nick Rockwell (Brother)

Relationship information

Holly Jensin (Fling)


Liam Cummings
Nolan Bains
Frankie Chandler
Skyler Bridges
Aria Grady
Zoey Lopez



Physical Appearance


Hair Color


Eye Color


Episode Count


First seen


Last seen


Played By

Nick Tag

Yeah. It kind of does, actually. Depending on the person I could get one out of five stars or five out of five. I tend to think I’m about a four and a half, because I make a horrible first impression, but I eventually turn into a real person.
Christian to Sage in Pilot

Christian Rockwell is a main character on Lockwood. He was born and raised in Lockwood by his parents Joseph Rockwell and Susan Rockwell. He is the brother of Nick.

Christian grew up close to his brothers and father. His father passed away when Christian was 15. Christian has not missed a day of church in 16 years -- as his parents have always made him attend.

Christian is a sophomore at Lockwood High School and is initially portrayed to be arrogant but smart. He is a true free-spirit and usually the life of the party. Christian is charming, independent, energetic and compassionate. He is handsome and he's not afraid to admit that he knows. Christian is quite the ladies man around his school. However this has hurt his reputation to the point where he is unable to keep or even gain a girlfriend. Christian also has a short temper which makes him become angry very easily. He says the reason he is temperamental is because his parents would fight growing up -- and that causes him to be angry all the time, or have a short fuse. He sees a therapist for his anger problems. Christian is vividly into sports. He spends most of his summer in football boot camp to get him ready for college and pros since he is trying to get a full scholarship.

He is best friends with his neighbor, Liam Cummings but also great friends with Nolan Bains, Frankie Chandler and Skyler Bridges. Christian is part of the Rockwell Family. He is portrayed by Nick Tag.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Christian has light skin and blue eyes. He is also very muscular, as shown by his built body. He also has brown hair and stands approximately 6'1" in height.








  • Originally Max La Manna was cast as Christian.
  • In Latin the meaning of the name Christian is: From Christianus meaning Christian.
  • Famous bearer: Christian was the hero of John Bunyan's 'The Pilgrim's Progress'.
  • Christian's brother is Detective Rockwell.
  • Christian's favorite color is green.
  • Christian was born December 20 and is a Sagittarius.


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