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Ian Fullerton
Biographical information
  • July 4
  • Male
School Information
Family information
Relationship information
  • Alive
Physical Appearance
  • 6'1"
Hair Color
  • Brown
Eye Color
  • Brown
Episode Count
  • 1
First seen
Last seen
Played By
We need to stop this before history repeats itself and this time - IF it does, we won’t be able to stop it
Ian to Damien in The First Day

Ian Andrew Fullerton is a main character of Lockwood. He was born and raised in Lockwood by his loving parents Julie and Matthew Fullerton. He has one step-brother, Evan -- in which he is not on speaking terms with as of pre-Lockwood Episode 1.

Ian lacked motivation in high school, carrying less and less about school as he grew older – due to the absence of support he had at home. This eventually led him to dropping out of college – which he barely even attended.

Ian met Nicholas and Stephen both when they all started at Lockwood Middle School. Although Ian and Stephen were not friends in high school – the two are extremely close now, opposite of his best friend from high school, Nicholas.

When Ian attended college he rushed a fraternity and is often seen wearing them around his bar. Ian has had too many girlfriends to keep track of but they never last. He is afraid he will be just like his step-father so he breaks off the relationship before it gets too far.

People tend to see Ian as a fairly level-headed person but deep down he has a lot of hurt from his mother’s betrayal in which he still hasn’t found it in his heart to forgive her.

When Ian was 15, his father walked out of his life, leaving him and his mother alone. His mother remarried when Ian was 17 – but Ian disliked his step-father. He told his mother who did not listen, so Ian moved out on his own free will, leaving his family.

At age 20, Ian played the lottery and ended up being the only winner, making him very wealthy. He decided to invest his money into a bar when he was 21 – which is one of the town’s hottest places to wine and dine.

Ian is the best friend of Stephen Kyle. He remains friends with both Taylor Cummings and Nicholas Rockwell. Ian is part of the Fullerton Family and is portrayed by Tom Maden.

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