James Cummings3
James Cummings
Biographical Information
Full Name

James Francis Cummings





Background Information
School Name

Lockwood High School



Family Information
Frederick Cummings (father)
Marla Cummings (mother)
Ted Cummings (brother)
Barbara Cummings (sister-in-law)
Kurt Cummings (brother)
Elizabeth Cummings (sister-in-law)
Liam Cummings (nephew)
Tessa Cummings (niece)
Sage Cummings (niece)
Relationship information

Elizabeth Cummings (Crush)
Dee Thorpe (Girlfriend)


Ted Cummings
Elizabeth Cummings
Dee Thorpe

Physical Appearance
Episode Count


First seen


Played By

Tim Parrish

Dad’s back in town. That’s never a good sign. For anything.
James to Ted in Unwelcome

James Francis Cummings is a character in the series Lockwood. He was born and raised in Lockwood to Marla and Frederick. He is the youngest of 3; Kurt and Ted are his older brothers.

James was seen as the bad child growing up – someone the family could not trust. 16 years prior to the pilot episode – James was banished from the town for something his brother had done, due to his love for Elizabeth at the time. James was very good friends with Elizabeth – as he got to know her as she dated both of his older brothers.

James during his teen years attended Lockwood High School where he was bullied by his own brother, Kurt. Elizabeth always defended him against his brother’s attacks – making them close. Kurt saw James’s obsession when he framed his brother for what happened with the Mirror, making James move from Lockwood at a young age.

James’s family didn’t try to contact him as he left without saying good-bye, thinking he didn’t care. Marla thought James could not be trusted – when his intentions were actually good, trying to protect the people he loves from being hurt.

James returns to Lockwood shortly after the death of Kurt and Elizabeth to protect the girls – and to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

When James meets his niece, Sage for the first time, he already knows about Elizabeth but puts up a good front about it.

He is portrayed by Tim Parrish.

Physical AppearanceEdit

James has light skin, short black hair and intense blue eyes. He has a mysterious look to him. He is muscular, shown through his tight shirts. He stands approximately 6'2" in height.