This article is about Pilot, the first episode of Season One and series premiere of Lockwood..


The First Day is the first episode of the first season of Lockwood and the first episode of the series overall.


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  • The main characters (aside from Chelcie) were all replaced at least once.
  • Tesla was re-cast three times, Christian twice, Tyler three times, Malcolm twice, Frankie twice, Aria twice, Miranda four times, Trent four times and Alyssa three times.
  • Munro was the second official cast member.
  • There were originally two guys named Tyler in the pilot script, so Josh was re-named.


  • The term 'Pilot' is traditionally used in the entertainment industry to identify the first episode of a television series.
  • The title would have been 'The First Day' if 'Pilot' hadn't been chosen.


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