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Tessa Cummings
Biographical information
Full Name

Tessa Ann Cummings


May 18





School Information
School Name

Lockwood High School



Family information
Family Members

Kurt Cummings (Father) Pauline Cummings (Mother) Sage Cummings (Sister) Marla Cummings (Paternal Grandmother) Frederick Cummings (Paternal Grandfather) Allan Cummings (Uncle) Ted Cummings (Uncle) Barbara Cummings (Aunt) Taylor Cummings (Cousin) Tyler Cummings (Cousin)

Relationship information

Ryan Dundee (Boyfriend)


Tyler Cummings
Chelcie Cummings



Physical Appearance


Hair Color


Eye Color


Episode Count


First seen

The First Day

Last seen

Say It Isn't So

Played By

Jenni Kennedy

Trust? There’s no trust between us. And you are not family.
Tessa to Marla in The First Day

Tesla Cummings is one of the main female characters of Lockwood. She is the deuteragonist of the series. She was born and raised in Philadelphia to her parents Pauline Cummings and Kurt Cummings. She has a fraternal twin sister, Sage Cummings.

Tesla grew up very close to her sister, although the two had separate social cliques at school, their bond was strong. She is the older twin of the two and finds that it is her responsibility to watch out for her sister, even in the smallest situations. Her father is a detective and her mother is a professor at the University of Philadelphia. Tesla has a close bond with her paternal grandmother, Marla Cummings. She used to be really close to her cousin Tyler Cummings but the two haven't seen each other in several years, drifting their friendship apart.

Before the death of her parents, Tesla was described as the 'it girl,' having one serious boyfriend, Ryan Dundee. Many girls envied her due to her extreme popularity, style and beauty. Even though Tesla was one of the most popular and prettiest girls at school, she was generous and kind. Tesla moved with her sister from Philadelphia to Lockwood to live with her uncle, Ted Cummings. Chelcie and Tesla subsequently enrolled in Lockwood High School where their parents when to school. Upon moving, she left behind her childhood friend and boyfriend, Blake. In her new town she was reunited with her cousin; Tyler, whom she hasn't seen in over 7 years.

Tesla is a sophomore at Lockwood High School and is initially portrayed to be argumentative and persuasive. She is witty and sassy but also innocent, caring and thoughtful. She does everything to keep her loved ones happy. She is protective of her family and friends and shows her fierce side when defending them. Tesla can sometimes come across as 'ditsy' however she is actually a lot smarter than she leads people to believe. She has excellent people skills, which Alyssa Brown tries to convince her to join the welcoming committee at Lockwood but Tesla declines.

Tesla is the best friend, mentor and younger sister of Sage Cummings. She is close friends with Tyler Cummings. She is portrayed by Jenni Kennedy.

Physical Appearance

Tesla has a beautiful heart-shaped face complimented with piercing blue eyes, full lips and dimpled smile. She is slender and graceful, and wears fashionable and feminine attire. Tesla's bold personality is reflected in her confident stance.


Chelcie Cummings

Main article: Tesla/Chelcie Relationship

Tesla and Chelcie are fraternal twins. The two don't get along very well, but are forced to move together and be there for each other when their parents die in a car accident. Tesla feels that Chelcie is all that she has, and the two really bond while adjusting to life without their parents.

Kurt Cummings

Main article: Tesla/Kurt Relationship

Kurt is Tesla's father. He is Tesla's biggest motivator and supporter mainly because he believes that his girls can do anything;especially when they work together.

Pauline Cummings

Main article: Tesla/Pauline Relationship

Pauline is Tesla's mother. She is very caring and loving, which is a trait she passes down to Tesla.

Ted Cummings

Main article: Ted/Tesla Relationship

Ted is Tesla's uncle and the two do not speak to each other frequently. Tesla used to hangout with Tyler and Ted when she was younger as the two were close -- until Ted stopped visiting. Ted always sends a birthday gift to Tesla although he hasn't visited in over four years.

Marla Cummings

Main article: Marla/Tesla Relationship

Marla is Tesla's grandmother. Marla is very supportive and loving to Tesla, and helps her with most of her problems. Marla visits Tesla at least once a week, until the time of her parents death.

Tyler Cummings

Main article: Tyler/Tesla Relationship

Tyler is Tesla's cousin. The two were very close when they were younger but lost the bond when his family stopped visiting over four years ago.


Ryan Dundee

Main article: Ryan/Tesla Relationship 

Ryan Dundee is Tesla's first official boyfriend and they were the most popular couple at Montgomery High School. She is still dating him as she moves to Lockwood. She is known to 'love him,' but this was previously to losing her parents and moving to Lockwood.

First Relationship:





  • The meaning of Tesla is "the SI unit of magnetic flux density.".
  • Tesla was born May 18 and is a Taurus.
  • Tesla only has one other sibling, Chelcie, which is her fraternal twin.
  • Tesla was born outside of Lockwood and has never heard of it previously to moving.
  • Tesla's favorite color is pink.
  • Tesla lost both of her parents in a car accident.


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