Trent Jacobs
Biographical information
Full Name

Trent William Jacobs


March 5



School Information
School Name

Lockwood High School




Lockwood Football Team

Family information
Family Members

Peter Jacobs (Father)
Laurie Jacobs(Mother)

Relationship information

Holly Jensin (Girlfriend)


Tyler Cummings
Malcolm McCoy
Christian Rockwell



Physical Appearance


Hair Color


Eye Color


Episode Count


First seen

The First Day

Last seen

The First Day

Played By

Mason Dye

You said we could be friends if anything happened between us.
Trent to Holly in Say It Isn't So

Trent Jacobs is a main character on Lockwood. He was born and raised in Lockwood to his parents Laurie Jacobs and Peter Jacobs.

Trent grew up independently -- not being close to his siblings, or his mother. He is the second born of three children. His mother is a teacher at Lockwood High School and his father was a real estate agent, prior to his passing. Trent's father passed away when he was only seven years old -- and Trent became more distant from his family.

When Trent was just a child his father died in a car accident -- crippling his family financially. Trent worked at Lockwood Bar and Grill when he was fifteen so he could help his mother -- until he stole money, for which Frankie Chandler still holds against him. Despite Trent's lack of a fatherly figure, he was close to his grandfather, Earl Jacobs, who saved him from a dog attack.

Trent met his friends in second grade after being bullied by Miranda Solomon on the playground -- in which Malcolm McCoy punched her to protect Trent. However, that same year they all were nice to each other despite all that happened. He tends to use sarcasm to lighten the mood although it does not usually work. He started playing football in seventh grade -- alongside his buddies. They were all junior varsity as freshman, except for Christian Rockwell, making him a little more popular at the time. Trent tries to be like Christian after his break-up but not many girls want him because of what Holly Jensin says about him.

Trent is a sophomore at Lockwood High School and is initially portrayed to be conceited and annoying. He is attractive, athletic, loyal and honest. He can also be very considerate and friendly at times. He is not the best in his academic standing but he pulls off the grades to barely scrape by. Trent enjoys drama club, art club and sports society.

Trent is in a relationship with Holly. Trent has an avid interest in drawing and art in general.

Trent is best friends with Malcolm and Christian. He is good friends with Tyler and frenemies with Frankie. Trent is part of the Jacobs Family and is portrayed by Mason Dye.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Trent has an oval shaped face, with almond shaped blue eyes. He is also thin, athletically built for he plays football. He has blond hair and stands approximately 5'8" in height.



Christian RockwellEdit

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Malcolm McCoyEdit

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Frankie ChandlerEdit

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Tyler CummingsEdit

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Holly JensinEdit




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