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Tyler Cummings
Biographical information
Full Name

Tyler David Cummings


August 5





School Information
School Name

Lockwood High School




Lockwood Football Team

Family information
Family Members

Ted Cummings (Father)
Barbara Cummings (Mother)
Taylor Cummings (Sister)
Tesla Cummings (Cousin)
Chelcie Cummings (Cousin)
Marla Cummings (Paternal Grandmother)
Frederick Cummings (Paternal Grandfather)
Kurt Cummings (Uncle)
Pauline Cummings (Aunt)
Allan Cummings (Uncle)

Relationship information

Miranda Solomon (Girlfriend)


Christian Rockwell
Malcolm McCoy
Frankie Chandler
Aria Grady
Tesla Cummings
Chelcie Cummings



Physical Appearance


Hair Color


Eye Color


Episode Count


First seen

The First Day

Last seen

The First Day

Played By

Cody Medler

We kind of lost touch as we grew up but I’m glad we get the chance to reconnect.
Tyler to Tesla in The First Day

Tyler Cummings is the lead male protagonist. Tyler was born and raised in the mysterious town of Lockwood, Ohio. He is the youngest child of Ted and Barbara. He has one sibling, Taylor Cummings.

Tyler is a struggling high school student. He tries to balance his social life with his bad grades. Tyler's father is the principal at Lockwood so it makes things a lot more difficult for him. Tyler finds out about Chelcie and Tesla's parents the same night the girls did. Tyler convinces the girls to live with his family.

Tyler is described as a badass. He is athletic and a huge jerk. Tyler relies on drugs and alcohol to impress the older guys he hangs out with. He is the quarterback on the football team.

Tyler is best friends with his neighbor Christian. He is close friends with Frankie and Malcolm. Tyler has been dating on-again-off-again girlfriend, Miranda since 2013. His life changes drastically after he and his friends find out they are being stalked by the same man who killed his aunt and uncle.

In Season One, Tyler is trying to balance his relationship with Miranda and his drug addiction.

Tyler is part of the Cummings Family and is portrayed by Cody Medler.

Physical AppearanceEdit



Ted CummingsEdit

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Barbara CummingsEdit

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Tesla CummingsEdit

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Tesla and Chelcie are fraternal twins. The two don't get along very well, but are forced to move together and be there for each other when their parents die in a car accident. Chelcie feels that Tesla is all that she has, and the two really bond while adjusting to life without their parents.

Chelcie CummingsEdit

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Christian RockwellEdit

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Miranda SolomonEdit

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Malcolm McCoyEdit

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Frankie ChandlerEdit

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Aria GradyEdit

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Trent JacobsEdit

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Marla CummingsEdit

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Miranda SolomonEdit

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First Relationship:





  • Tyler is an English (old English) word which means door keeper of an inn. It is also thought to be a derived occupational name derived from “tiler”, one who makes tiles. It is used both as a surname, and as given name for both genders.
  • Tyler enjoys listening to music by; Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, Kanye West and Eminem.
  • Tyler only has one other sibling, Taylor which is a similarity he has with Chelcie and Tesla.
  • Tyler was born in Lockwood and hasn't really traveled outside of the town.
  • Tyler is the oldest main character on the show.
  • Tyler's favorite color is blue.
  • Tyler plays and owns a guitar.
  • Tyler is the quarterback on the Lockwood High School football team.
  • Tyler's father is the principal at Lockwood High School.


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